Niklacell CMC

We produce carboxymethyl cellulose (NaCMC, CMC) under our brand name Niklacell for almost 50 years.


Our core business is dedicated to paper, tissue, and packaging industry. In addition we promote our Niklacell CMC in diverse other application fields; our product range covers also CMC grades for ceramics, paints, adhesives, drilling and mining, and many more industrial application fields.


We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of different CMC types covering all market requirements and segments; our complete package of products range from low etherificated technical grades to high quality purified products. 

Niklacell coating line: 

High etherificated technical coating grades, the product line is consisting of:

Niklacell CH-line: products of low and middle viscosity levels

Niklacell NC-line:  high viscosity grades

This product line was introduced to substitute purified grades in coating, intentionally by 1:1. In case of need,  for special applications, we offer you as well purified grades of our Niklacell T-line.


Niklacell wet end grades:

Our wet end grades stand for strength in paper. We have a complete portfolio for diverse applications available:

Dry strength: standard CMC applications for any paper production. Good synergy with starch and other cationic polymers.

For recycled pulp we also offer modified grades (e.g. Niklacell Katofibron).

Combined dry/wet strength: specialised CMC for providing both dry strength and best combination with wet strength resin. 

We present our technical CMC portfolio in several etherification  levels (D-, R-, B-line) and subdivide them further into viscosity levels as follows:


Niklacell D-, R-, B-line:

Niklacell D-line: introduced for grades of high active content providing a good economical offer for general uses. 

Niklacell R-line: represents our standard etherification level, giving a good combination of solubility and performance. 

Niklacell B-line: summarises our high performance technical CMC grades, meeting CMC's characteristics in its high end.


The viscosity levels of the above lines differentiate with regard of:  low (L), middle (M) and high (H) viscosity ranges.


All our products are available as well in powder as in granular formulation.


purified grades


Our purified CMC line completes our product package. We offer our Niklacell T-line for all industrial applications when technologically needed:


Niklacell T-line:

represents all our purified CMC grades with purity > 98 %.

We provide all grades with high degree of substitution and excellent solubility.

Our Niklacell T-line covers a broad range of viscosities. All individual products are available in different granulometry.

We offer you our Niklacell CMC grades for your specific requirements. Our target is to provide you a technical and cost effective solution.

If you would like more information please contact us.