In 1890 Leonhard Brigl & Julius Bergmeister founded the company for pulp production in Niklasdorf, followed by the start-up of the paper production in 1912.


The modification of the local pulp was initiated by Dr. Erich Wurz, who started the first production of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) on site. 


In 1971, the production of CMC under the brand name Niklacell started on the premises of Leykam-Muerztaler, with focus on the paper industry. 


The expansion and first upgrade of the production line started in 1983.

In late 1995 Niklacell became part of Mare Group and started to operate under the name of Niklacell Chemische Fabrik GesmbH. This change led to new possibilities and chances utilising the new distribution channels of Mare Group.


In 2000, the company name was amended to Mare Austria GmbH, including also the distribution of Mare Group chemicals in Austria and CEE.


Since then our site is continuously improved and adapted, in 2010 a new final product stock and logistic were introduced, 2012 a line for PAC and its modification was built. Recently improvements in the production and packaging were completed in 2017.