Our offer

At Mare Austria GmbH, we prioritise meeting our customer' needs and demands. Our focus is on proficient project management


We as Mare Austria GmbH place special emphasis on the wishes and demands of our customers. This is the reason why we set a high value on competent project handling, continuous local service, and high quality consciousness.

  • almost 50 years experience in manufacturing and application know-how in cellulosic
  • complete product package of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)
  • high level application service and local support
  • efficient logistics
  • private ownership

Why Niklacell CMC

CMC is well proven in its chemistry and is used thoroughly since several decades. We direct our attention to the development and production of a unique and complete package of Niklacell CMC products as follows:

  • water soluble biopolymer, green chemistry
  • efficient performance at low concentrations
  • cost efficient products with good synergy
  • reliable, stable chemistry with narrow specification
  • multifunctional properties and usage
  • special know how and leadership in paper
  • usage in a broad range of applications


Chemical products require exchange of information between producer and consumer. We are aware of our responsibility and provide you our service and support related with your use of our chemicals:
  • right product selection for your applications
  • introduction trials on lab and industrial scale
  • optimisation of application dosage and overall chemical usage
  • service measurements and reporting
  • support for choice of technical installations in case of need
Niklacell CMC carboxymethyl cellulose Mare Austria