Enrich your Coating


CMC combines several features in one chemical, offering several functions for your coating and sizing application.


CMC is well introduced as cost effective co-binder in paper coatings. CMC combines several features required for effective coatings and at the same time it represents green chemistry (green coating). 

A good coating demands the right composition of ingredients.

A good coating colour has to fulfil a variety of demands such as printability, gloss, haptics, stability, barrier functions and many more. Furthermore you as producer require runnability, high productivity, good end product quality, and cost efficiency. With our Niklacell CMC coating grades we can support you to improve your paper coating.

Main advantages using CMC in coating:


rheology: wide range of different molecular weights and viscosity levels

water retention: low penetration of coating water phase into base paper

stabiliser: for all major pigment grades

binder: good co-binder strength

carrier for OBAs

solid addition: possibility to reach high solid contents


Moreover CMC is also used for barrier functions, especially for grease, oil and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

Niklacell CMC Carboxymethylcellulose paper coating

The key point is to take advantage of CMC's multifunctional characteristics to refine your coating. 

We offer you our Niklacell CMC grades for your specific requirements. Our target is to provide you a technical and cost effective solution.

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