Boost your Strength


Strength has become of increasing importance throughout the last decades of papermaking.


We grasp the challenge of combining high strength parameters with other increasing paper quality characteristics on the one hand, and increasing production cost awareness on the other hand.


CMC is well introduced as cost effective alternative to other polymers providing strength. Niklacell CMC helps you both for dry strength and wet strength application, allowing you either to differentiate on quality level or on cost level.

Paper strength is based on your fibres and their bonding.

The strength of your paper is determined by the fibres and their specific bonding area, the number of bonds, and the type of bonds between the fibres. With our Niklacell CMC we can support you to increase your paper strength  - where your mechanical technics end, we go beyond with our chemicals.


Direct benefits seen with increased fibre to fibre bonding:


improved dry strength
increased wet strength
synergy with chemicals (wet strength aids, starch,…)
reduced refining and dusting
improved formation and machine runnability
cleaner water circuits (less deposition)
broader production window

Niklacell CMC Carboxymethylcellulose paper coating

What does strength do for you?


Maximising the sheet tensile can bring you several potential benefits:


increase productivity
use cheaper fibre sources
optimise use of chemicals
open your production window
reduce refining energy
reduce basis weight

In tissue applications you will find some more features of interest. These are especially charge control for high wet strength grades, reaching higher softness level and reduced refining, as well as higher productivity and an increase of adhesion on the Yankee cylinder.

The key point is to take advantage of the increased tensile and utilise the possible benefits. 

We offer you our Niklacell CMC grades for your specific requirements. Our target is to provide you a technical and cost effective solution.

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