Textile Industry

During your manufacturing process of fabrics and garments you can achieve the following advantages with the use of Niklacell CMC as a binding and thickening agent:


elastic size

increases yarn strength

 strong and flexible film

desizing with water wash only

easy and clean size preparation

Textile Niklacell CMC Carboxymethylcellulose fabrics garments binding thickening agent elastic size strong flexible film

The use of Niklacell CMC helps to control the consistence and fluidity of colloid solutions. It also prevents the building of excess colloids. During the weaving process the CMC works as a sizing agent giving water resistant properties. It also helps to improve the printability. Niklacell CMC is working as a coagulant for the print colours.

We offer you our Niklacell CMC grades for your specific requirements. Our target is to provide you a technical and cost effective solution.

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