Product Safety & Stability

CMC is considered as harmless, is neither toxic nor hazardous; its pure form is used as food additive E466, also known as cellulose gum.


CMC grades can be stored under standard stock conditions in original packaging for an extended time frame. The properties of solid CMC, which are mostly affected during storage, are moisture and viscosity. We guarantee a shelf life of 6 months.


Dust explosion tests were carried out with all market relevant cellulose ethers. Technical grades were considered as non-dust explosive. For safety reasons we declare all CMC grades generally as dust explosion class ST1.


CMC is biologically and physico-chemically comparatively stable. Biodegradation studies showed a considerably slowed down reaction rate compared to pulp. The biodegradation intermediates also showed no toxicological impact.


Physico-chemical parameters that lead to degradation are extreme pH values, UV light as well as oxidation aids.


CMC solutions itself are not long term stable due to microbial attack by fungi and bacteria which are present in our environment. The degradation is taking place in a time period of days to weeks and can be prolonged by using standard biocides.


In Mare Austria we always strive bringing together health, safety and environment (HSE) with production to obtain best manufacturing practice and to commit to responsible care in in all our activities.